10 Casino Mistakes That Will Mark You as a Noob


Nobody likes feeling like a total casino rookie. This fact is valid on your first trip, and it remains the same for every subsequent casino visit.

The most glaring reason casino guests don’t want to look like a newbie is the high number of mistakes novice gamblers make. Casino games don’t have any mercy on the unprepared, and the beating can leave you feeling foolish.






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The last thing you should want to do is look silly in front of all the strangers in the casino. So, you’ll want to know how to avoid making dumb plays.

Fortunately, if you can make a mistake in a casino, I’ve likely made it or seen it, and I’m here to make sure you don’t follow the same path. Learn from these 10 casino mistakes that will mark you as a noob.

10 Casino Mistakes That Will Mark You as a Noob

1 – Fiddling Around on the Table

The dealers and pit bosses don’t have much patience for players fooling around on their tables. Besides placing your wagers, there’s no reason to fumble around with anything on the table itself.

Keep your hands at your side and allow the game to run its course without any unnecessary distractions or delays. If a dealer has to ask you to keep off of the table, you’ve burned your free pass.

This goes double for setting your drink on the table’s edge. One shift, bump, or twitchy elbow and that drink could halt play altogether, which won’t be ideal for your night.

With a few obvious exceptions, you’ll never have good reason to touch anything on the game tables during play. This includes cards, bets, dice, or anything else on the tables. Don’t look like a newbie out of the gate by trying to steer the ship.

2 – Playing After You’ve Had Too Much to Drink

Enjoying too many alcoholic beverages in the casino can happen to anyone. That’s because you don’t need to be legally intoxicated to have a problem.

When you drink, your inhibitions begin to loosen, and that can lead to mistakes. One of the biggest being the much lighter grip on your money.

That’s about the best-case scenario, and I lost more than intended on more than one occasion in my early days’ gambling. Unfortunately, that’s the least of your worries.

Become belligerent in the casino, and you’ll be greeted by security. Nobody wants that, but it can be far worse when they decide to involve law enforcement.

I’ve watched people cry for mercy as they were lead out of the casino in handcuffs. I’m told that going to jail is terrible, but going to jail while on vacation has to be even worse.

Keep your wits about you and save the drinking for after you’re done in the casino.

3 – Failing to Bring Enough Cash

One of the most common casino mistakes I see newbies make is coming to the casino without enough cash. Don’t take that wrong; I’m not alleging that they should have a bigger bankroll or steal money from other areas to fund their gambling session.

The last thing you should ever do is make money for other expenses and use that money to gamble.

I’m talking about the players with a predetermined bankroll for the trip but only bring a portion of the cash and rely on the casino ATMs for the balance.

Using casino ATMs is harsh because they will charge exorbitant fees. Bring your entire bankroll in cash and hit the exit when it’s gone.

4 – Trying to Impart Your Will Using Betting Systems

Betting systems are the crutch used by novice gamblers to offset their lack of ability and knowledge of basic casino strategy. Unfortunately, they don’t have the tools necessary to correctly calculate what will happen when they start varying their bet size.

You can’t beat the casino by trying to vary your bet size and recoup losses. This behavior will actually have the opposite effect, and you’ll begin to burn through your bankroll much faster.

Anytime I see a casino gambler using a betting system to effectively negate their lack of gambling skills, it shows a fundamental lack of knowledge. It’s basically reserved for only the casino rookies.

5 – Making the Infamous Sucker Bets

Every casino game on the floor has sucker bets. Some would go so far as to suggest that the slot machines as a whole are a sucker bet because of their high house edge.

Sucker bets can be challenging for rookie gamblers to spot because they’re often disguised as a benefit to the player. I mean, who wouldn’t want to keep insurance in blackjack when the dealer is showing an ace?

Well, any player who understood how the ace only represents blackjack a small percentage of the time. Furthermore, anytime the dealer doesn’t have a natural, the player may still lose both wagers.

Because there are so many sucker bets on the casino floor, you must lock in on the games you play and learn the best strategies for those games. Avoiding sucker bets won’t ensure that you win, but it’ll help you look like a complete newbie in the casino.

6 – Talking on Your Phone

There are several worse things to be in the casino than a noob. Constantly being on your phone will classify you as being several of them.

I understand that we’re all tethered to our mobile devices nearly 24/7. Leaving your cell phone in the hotel room may not be feasible if your kids are with a sitter or you have ailing family members.

However, there’s no good reason to have your phone out while playing casino games. Do it from the slot machines if you want to constantly update Facebook or text your best friend.

I once sat at a blackjack table with a guy who had a 30-minute phone conversation before the pit boss asked him to shut it down. Keep your phone tucked away, and if you need to take a call, step away from the table.

7 – Being Cheap

Casino staff often goes out of their way to make sure guests have the ultimate entertainment experience. The hospitality industry is notorious for not making the frontline employees rich. Many of them depend on gratuity to make ends meet.

Veteran casino gamblers know the value provided by casino floor personnel and show this appreciation via tips. The casino staff talks, and you don’t want to be labeled cheap among the dealers or servers.

Having a solid reputation among the staff will benefit you should any problems arise, and you need an advocate. Noobs rarely tip; players tip.

I’m not saying you need to blow through your gambling budget, tipping everyone in sight, but know the unwritten casino tipping rules and follow them.

8 – Not Knowing the Game’s Rules

Being lost at a game is a sure sign of a casino newbie. Before you ever place your first wager, it’s essential that you know how to play the game.

This will obviously look differently depending on the games you plan to play. Still, there are several ways to learn casino games. You can research comprehensive game guides like the ones on this website to start.

Then you may learn to utilize your new knowledge by playing the games for free online. Finally, you can take a class at the casino that gives you a complete walkthrough in the casino atmosphere, complete with live dealers.

Whatever path you take to learning the casino games, you must understand the game before placing your first bet.

9 – Acting Like a Big Shot

There are absolutely zero reasons to act like a big shot in the casino. You either are a whale, or you’re not, and nobody cares besides the casino.

I watch players roll up to tables in the casino and start trying to bet the table maximum while simultaneously complaining that the limits are too low. Well, if that’s the case, you can likely find a table with much higher limits.

This faction also likes to toss money around as an excuse to talk down to the casino staff. Stop trying to impress complete strangers.

It’s imperative that you stop if it involves acting like a jerk. You’ll look like a fool trying to impress the crowd with $10 hands of blackjack.

10 – Trusting the Kindness of Strangers

Not everyone you meet on the planet has the best interests of others and their well-being in mind. Wherever you go, you’ll find groups of people trying to prey on the naivety of others.

This is as true in the casino as it is in your own city. So, don’t assume everyone you meet in the casino has your best interest at heart.

At some point in your casino career, you may run into a scammer or cheat of some sort. Be proactive in your interactions with others and show them that you’re fully aware of your surroundings.

Not looking like a noob means not being a potential mark for criminals.


Avoid these 10 casino mistakes that will mark you as a noob, and your casino experience will be much healthier. Remember that it’s okay to ask questions along the way.

Nobody expects you to be a savvy casino veteran on your maiden voyage. But if you’re still making rookie mistakes years down the line, you’ve burnt a lot of cash.



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