Is Blackjack a Game of Chance or Skill?

Not every gambler is created equal. Some traditional methods of gambling produce outcomes based entirely on luck. Think of a coin-flip – there’s no real skill to betting on which side of the coin will land, the end-result is random. Other popular ways to bet involve some element of skill. You can’t strategize or luck … Read more

A Complete Guide to Raffles – How to Play and How to Win

Raffles are a big deal in America. Whether it’s a 50/50 at a little league baseball game, a graduation night giveaway, or a church fundraiser offering gift certificates and vacation getaways, the raffle is an important part of the American gambling scene. This post is all about raffles – learning about them, playing them, and … Read more

10 Dangerous Gambling Habits Pros Fall Into

Many gamblers associate poor gaming habits with novice players. Considering the significant number of recreational and newbie gamblers, that’s fair. Most of the cringe-worthy casino behavior I see is from rookie gamblers. Yet, poor judgment isn’t reserved for the average tourist. Bad gambling habits aren’t hard to break, but they can be tough to avoid. … Read more

10 Lottery Games You Should Never Play

Lottery games have a loyal fan base. If you’ve ever waited in line behind a lottery enthusiast, you know the struggle. Give me 2 of these, 3 of those, and I’ll take 6 of that. Oh, and check this box of tickets for a winner. There are tons of lottery games available in most areas, … Read more

Roulette – When to Play American, When to Play European

Most Americans don’t come across European roulette until they travel abroad to gamble or spend some time at an online casino. European vs. American roulette is a debate with a lot of noise surrounding it. Most guys who write about gambling will tell you to stay far away from American roulette if a single-zero European … Read more

3 Popular Blackjack Variants and How to Beat Them

Blackjack is the most popular version of table game in casinos. As a result, most casinos offer as many blackjack tables as all of their other table games combined. Because of the popularity of blackjack, you can also find many games based on blackjack. Some of the blackjack variations are fun to play, and a … Read more

How to Play Keno at a Casino (Payouts, Odds, and Strategy)

Keno is a popular casino game similar in some ways to the lottery or bingo. It’s a casino mainstay, as germane to the gambling industry as garish carpet and comp’d drinks. Keno is one of those casino games that you either love or hate – either you see it as a fun distraction with potentially … Read more