10 Craps Bets Every Casino Gambler Should Know


Craps is in the running for the most exciting casino game in existence. Observe a casino floor on a busy night, and it shouldn’t take long before the cheering crowd around the craps table gains your attention.






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Every night, excited gamblers crowd around the craps table for hours of bold gaming. The scene can be intimidating for first-time casino gamblers and newbies.

Luckily, craps can be simplified into only a handful of bets. By sticking to the best wagers and avoiding the sucker bets, you’ll fit right in and have more fun than you’ve ever imagined while spinning the slots’ reels.

10 Craps Bets Every Casino Gambler Should Know

Your first step will be learning these 10 craps bets every casino gambler should know. This will send you to the casino floor with brand new confidence.

If you place the best bets at the craps table, then you’re making one of the best bets if you want to be a winner in the casino. Place the worst bets, and you’re almost guaranteeing losses.

1 – The Pass Line Can Make You Money

Most craps players will make a bet on the pass line. This straightforward wager is, at its core, a bet that the shooter will win.

So, a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll makes you an automatic winner. However, if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, it’s a loss.

Frequently, the shooter will roll another number and establish a point. Your bet is still alive, and as long as the shooter rolls the point again before rolling a 7, you still win.

The pass line is popular for several reasons. The camaraderie of all the gamblers supporting the shooter to take down the casino is tough to beat. Everybody should experience the thrill at least once.

The pass line bet also has one of the lowest house edges in the casino at only 1.41%. Compare that to the average house edge of 10% or more than most players get on the penny slots.

If more players understood the simplicity of craps bets and the friendly odds of the pass line bet, there would be many more craps tables and far fewer slot machines in the casino.

2 – Don’t Pass Is Reserved for the Savvy Bettors

They don’t pass bet sits juxtaposed to the pass line wager. When you make a bet on the don’t pass line, you’re betting on the shooter to crap out.

A 2, 3, or 12 makes you an automatic winner for a don’t pass line wager, while the 7 or 11 will lose.

Assuming the shooter avoids crapping out or winning on the come-out roll, you’re left to the point. However, where a pass-line bet has you rooting for the shooter to make the point, you’ll now be hoping the shooter rolls a 7.

They don’t pass line actually has a house advantage lower than the pass line at only 1.36%. Still, most players will bet with the shooter in a show of solidarity.

So, you should be prepared for some rude looks and slight verbal jabs if you decide to go against the grain and side with the casino.

The pass line and don’t pass line cover enough of the inner workings of a craps table to be of use to most newbie casino gamblers. I will regularly head for the craps table when I need a break from the poker table, and I’ll always stick to one of these bets.

3 – Don’t 86 the 8 or 6

Betting on 6 or 8 is another good wager for gamblers that want a little additional action. The probability of the shooter rolling either of these numbers is only surpassed by a 7.

This makes the bet reasonably safe with a house edge of 1.5%. To make the wager, wait until the shooter sets a point and inform the dealer you’d like to bet $X on 8 or 6.

The bet only pays 7 to 6, so you have to bet big to see any significant profits. Still, I’ve watched veteran craps players slowly beat the casino into submission by betting 6 and 8.

4 – The Come Bet

The come bet should be the next bet players add to their arsenal after they’ve mastered the pass line and don’t pass line.

The come bet is made once the shooter has established a point. A come bet is a pass-line bet that takes place after the come-out roll.

You should think of this wager as an independent pass line bet. It may be difficult for some novice players to keep tabs on both “games” that are happening simultaneously, so tread lightly.

Intermediate players will love the come bet because it increases the action at the table and gives players a low house edge of only 1.41%.

Players feeling fantastic about their prowess on the craps table but yearn for more action will benefit from the come bet.

5 – Odds Bets Can Be Profitable

I love odds bets for one simple reason, the house edge on odds bets is 0%.

Odds bets can be placed anytime you place a wager on the pass line, don’t pass line, come bet, or don’t come. It’s essentially like a raise for craps games.

A player must place an additional wager next to their original bet on the odds to place an odds bet. In most instances, this wager will match their initial bet.

However, some casinos allow odds bets in multiples of the original wager. So, you may find a casino craps game with odds bets up to 5x.

This rule is extremely friendly, and savvy craps players will flock to the casino in an effort to capitalize on the casino’s generosity.

Unfortunately, not all craps bets are even remotely advantageous for the player. There are some flat-out sucker bets to be found on the craps table, and you’ll be better off by completely ignoring them.

The five bets I’ve given you should be a fantastic start for any craps player. Ignore the following five, and you’ll be amazed how far you can stretch a bankroll in the casino.

6 – Avoid the Field Bets

The field bet is alluring because it gives you so many ways to win. Many gamblers assume that it’s nearly an automatic win because you have seven numbers that will make you a winner.

The problem is that the four numbers that lose make up over half of the possible combinations on a dice roll. Before you start laying heavy action on the field bet, consider that it comes with a house advantage of nearly 6%.

That’s more than four times greater than you get with a pass line, don’t pass, or come bets.

7 – No 10-4 Good Buddy

I suggest steering clear of any bets involving a specific number that aren’t 6 or 8. Regardless, a high number of craps players chase the hard 4 or hard 10.

The hard bets are made by betting; you’ll see the number come up via a roll of doubles. Two 2s or 5s in this case.

There’s really not much use for betting on any number to come up the hard way, but gamblers love a good payout. These bets offer a 7 to 1 payout, which attracts gamblers looking for a big score.

They also have a house edge of over 11%. You’ll have better luck betting your money in a slot machine.

8 – Avoid 5 and 9

One interesting way the casinos draw in more action is by allowing gamblers to buy a number. One of the standard bets is players buying either 5 or 9.

When a bettor places a wager on buying a number, they win if the number comes up before a 7 is rolled.

These wagers pay 3 to 2, so you’re getting the same pay-off as a blackjack, but the house edge is much worse than blackjack at over 4.75%.

9 – Any 7 Bet

Any 7 is a bet that the next roll will produce a 7. It doesn’t make any difference how the 7 is rolled, but it must be on the next roll.

Any 7 is among the greatest sucker bets in the casino because it uses a number many players associate with being a good thing and offers a fabulous 4 to 1 payout for a winner.

Yet, the house edge on the any 7 bet is a staggering 16.7%. You’ve got to look pretty hard to find worse bets in the entire casino.

10 – Yo (Don’t) Bet

The yo bet gets its name from the croupier shouting “yo eleven.” It’s essentially the any 7 bet, but much better.

The payout on the yo bet is 15 to 1, so it gets plenty of attention from wishful gamblers. The house edge is 11%, which makes it much more appealing than any 7.

However, it’s still terrible for the player and is one of the bigger sucker bets on the craps table.


Craps can open up an entire world of gambling opportunities for casino gamblers. These 10 craps bets every casino gambler should know will set you on a course for diminishing the house edge to as low as possible.

By avoiding the sucker bets and focusing on the chances that give you opportunities to win, you’ll have much more fun and stay on the casino floor longer than ever before.



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