March Madness Betting Tips and Strategy

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Fun Football Bets with Friends (Friendly NFL Wagers)

I write about sports betting for a living. I love thinking about it, I love placing bets, and I love talking to other people about the world of sportsbooks and handicappers. But not all my bets are formal. And in most NFL seasons, most of my bets are friendly wagers between me and my football … Read more

How Are Sportsbook Winnings Taxed? (Gambling and Taxes)

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A Guide to Video Poker Tournaments 

Video poker tournaments are a good way to add value to your video poker play. The trick is to know how to pick a high-value tournament, analyze the rules and games and such, and match your tournament plays to your overall playing goals and budget. This post outlines the basics of video poker tournament play, … Read more

Do Max Bets Increase Your Odds?

Casinos aren’t designed to rip off their customers, nor do they represent easy money available for the taking. Learning how to place smart bets is a big part of successful casino gambling. One way to beat the house is to stick to bets that give the house its smallest possible advantage. Another is to take … Read more

How Often Does the Dealer Bust in Blackjack?

If you’re thinking about dealer bust rates, you’re already doing more than most blackjack players. You can see for yourself at the casino – blackjack is a game for casual fans and obsessives, there’s no in-between. Dealers are forced to behave in certain ways by the rules of the game; players aren’t. That’s where optimal … Read more

The 7 Best Games to Turn Game Night into a Casino Night 

Family game night has been a tradition since my grandparents gathered around the dining table with their grandparents. The games played were secondary to the bonding and life lessons being learned.  Family game night never meant family-friendly in our house. Things sometimes became heated, which isn’t surprising. We were all born with the same competitive … Read more