The 6 Best Gambling Options If You Want to Win


Just about everything to do with gambling is designed to work against you winning. Of course, some gambling options are worse than others. But this also means that some options are better than others.


The 6 Best Gambling Options If You Want to Win

If you want to win when you gamble everything starts with which gambling activities you focus on. If you focus on the wrong gambling activity you don’t have any chance to win in the long run. But when you focus on the right opportunity, you have a chance to make money.






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Here are the 6 best gambling options if you want to win. Winning gamblers focus on at least 1 of these opportunities, so you should too.

1 – Blackjack Games

Blackjack games can offer the most clear cut path to winning when you gamble. Even if you don’t learn how to use the strategies you need to win in the long run, blackjack games can be the best games in casinos.

Every blackjack game has a combination of things that determine how much you win or lose. Most blackjack players never work on any of these areas. And the players that do think about some of these things rarely go beyond looking at the rules and basic strategy.

These 2 areas are important. If you want to win you need to play blackjack games that have the best rules. You also need to learn and use basic strategy. But these 2 areas only get you close to breaking even. In order to win you have to take at least 1 more step.

You can actually use more than 1 thing to make a profit when you play blackjack games, but the most common thing to learn is how to count cards. With basic strategy, decent rules, and counting you can beat blackjack games.

To get started you need to become a master at understanding blackjack rules. The next thing to do is become a master basic strategy player. Finally, you must become a master card counter.

2 – Omaha Poker Games

Most poker games that are played against other gamblers instead of against the house belong on this list. When you play poker against other gamblers, like Omaha and Texas holdem, you win or lose based on your skills in comparison to the skills of your opponents.

When you play poker games against the house or casino, like 3 card poker or Mississippi Stud poker, you can’t use your skills to beat the game.

Both Omaha and Texas holdem are on this list of activities you should consider if you want to win, but Omaha is listed first because it’s a little easier to beat than Texas holdem. Some poker players may disagree with this, but I’m going to explain why Omaha is a better choice than Texas holdem.

In Omaha you start with twice as many cards, which means that you know the value of more cards on every step each hand. If you learn how to use odds this is a big advantage. And you don’t have to be great at using odds to be better than most other poker players. This is because most poker players don’t use odds at all.

The other advantage to Omaha is that most of your opponents think they can play more hands because they have more cards. This causes them to play too many weak hands, which gives you a better chance to win when you don’t play weak hands.

3 – Texas Holdem Poker Games

Texas holdem poker is more readily available than Omaha games, and in some areas you’re going to have to choose Texas holdem because there aren’t any Omaha games. The good news is that with the right skills and strategy you can beat Texas holdem games just like you can beat Omaha games.

I mentioned using odds in the section about Omaha poker, and it’s just as important to learn how to use odds when you play Texas holdem. You also need to be selective about which starting hands you decide to play and which starting hands you fold.

Texas holdem and Omaha have many different strategies that you need to learn in order to win. But the real difference between winning and losing is the difference in strategy skills between you and your opponents.

If you want to win when you play poker you have to have better strategy skills than your opponents. This means that even if your strategy skills aren’t great, you can still win if you play against the right set of poker opponents.

4 – Horse Track Betting

Betting on horses is popular around the world, but it’s not something that many gamblers think about when they’re looking for a way to win. Horse track betting has an advantage in the United States over many other forms of gambling because it has laws that make it legal to do online and using mobile devices. While sports betting and casinos are expressly legal in some states, they aren’t expressly legal in as many states as horse track betting.

None of this is why horse track betting is on this list. The odds are still against most horse track bettors, but you can develop skills and strategies that can help you win.

The reason why you can win is because of the way horse race betting works. When you make a bet on a horse race the money goes into something called a pool with all of the money bet on the race by others. The odds each wager pays when it wins is based on how many people made the same bet and the total amount of money in the pool.

What this means is that every bet made is involved in setting the odds and pay outs. Because of this, if you’re better at picking winning bets than most other people you can make a profit.

5 – Sporting Event Betting

Betting on sports can be profitable, but you’re going to need to be better at it than most sports gamblers. If you’re placing bets with sportsbooks or bookies you have to win more often than you lose to overcome the vig. If you bet with other people, avoiding the vig, you still have to win more often than you lose to make a profit, but you don’t have to win quite as often.

The biggest problem sports gamblers have is that they tend to be sports fans first and sports gamblers second. In order to win over the long term as a sports gambler you have to focus on sports gambling first and being a fan second. In fact, you don’t even have to be a sports fan to win as a sports gambler.

Winning sports gamblers don’t let emotion change what they do in any way. Sports fans let emotion get in the way of making smart sports gambling decisions.

Here’s what you need to do to start winning as a sports gambler. Do away with emotion when you evaluate games, find good lines, and figure out how to place more wagers without being charged vig.

6 – Video Poker Machines

Of all of the gambling activities listed in this post, video poker games are the hardest to beat in the long run. Video poker offers many machines that have a high return in comparison to most casino games, but most of these machines still won’t return a long term profit, even if you play using perfect strategy.

However, there are a few video poker games or machines that can give you a small profit over time. But you have to play the right game, and the game has to have the right pay table, and you have to use the 100% correct strategy play on each hand.

While it doesn’t take more work to learn how to do this than the other gambling activities listed in this post, it is harder to find the perfect combination. The variable that is the hardest to get right is the machine with the perfect pay table. These machines are rare.

Learning how to use 100% perfect strategy is fairly easy. You can find books, web sites, and charts that show you how to do this for every popular version of video poker.


It’s hard to win when you participate in any gambling activity. In fact, there are some gambling activities that are impossible to beat in the long term. This means that you have to focus on the right opportunities to have any chance to win.

The gambling activities in this post are what close to 100% of winning gamblers focus on. You might find a fluke opportunity elsewhere, but there are proven ways you can win with the activities you just learned about.

Blackjack and poker games offer the best opportunities for most gamblers, but horses and sporting events also can show a profit. The 1 thing that all of these gambling activities have in common is that they’re all challenging to beat. You’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to win.


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