What Is Video Roulette (How to Play and How to Win in 2023)


What is video roulette?

The question gets asked more often as casinos continue to incorporate electronic games. Today, you’ll have that question answered.

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to play and how to win at video roulette in 2023. American Roulette and European Roulette are classic casino games because of their entertainment value and ability to win significant returns.






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Can video roulette keep pace with one of the most iconic casino games on the planet?

What Is Video Roulette?

The shift for casinos to the realm of digital gaming has not been as swift as it appears. The first electronic casino games started seeing their way onto casino floors in the 1960s, and by 1976 video slots were making their debut.

Roulette Wheel - What Is Video Roulette (How to Play and How to Win)

Video poker followed closely, and today’s gamblers enjoy a wide variety of video-centric casino games. Video roulette is one of the latest incarnations of a casino game making strides to stay relevant.

Casinos are savvy, and they know the importance of appealing to their target audience. Video roulette takes a game that has been around since 1720 and gives it a fresh face.

Video roulette is a cabinet-style game that takes the original and improves it (depending on your preferences). Gamblers are a diverse group, and the casinos must be appealing to all types of people to remain profitable.

Video roulette makes the game more compact, which takes up less real estate and draws attention from more players. Slot machine enthusiasts can make a smooth transition to video roulette because the games are similar.

Rookie gamblers often prefer to play games alone because they fear making mistakes. The newbies have nothing to worry about when playing on the video roulette machines as the designs are foolproof.

Finally, you have the new wave of gamblers raised in a world where everything is done in a digital medium. This set of gamblers prefers the straightforward style of video roulette games.

In 2023, video roulette is ready to grow even more through many limitations placed on casinos due to the current climate. Next, you’ll see how to play video roulette, which is the first step in winning.

How to Play Video Roulette?

If you’ve played a casino slot machine in the past thirty years, you’ll make an easy leap to video roulette. The devices look almost identical, with a few buttons for you to make selections and a large video screen displaying the game.

As far as the video roulette screen goes, you can relate it to a significantly scaled-down version of a roulette table. The wheel is located at the top of the screen with the available bets at the bottom.

The first step is to deposit money in the machine, which players can do with cash or a cash-out slip from another device.

Next, choose the appropriate denomination for your standard wager with the corresponding button. Then place your wager on the number or bet you’d like.

Imagine you’re using digital casino chips for video roulette. If you’ve chosen $5 as your base denomination, you’ll press the button twice to make a $10 bet.

Finally, press the spin button and let the fun begin. One of the main conveniences of video roulette is that the game won’t clear your previous bet.

So, you can play the same bet over and over with a simple press of a button. However, that may lead to trouble if you’re burning through spins or forgot to clear a bet before the next spin.

You’ll have more success in video roulette by slowing down and taking your time.

How Does Video Roulette Compare to Standard Roulette?

Video roulette appears to be a step towards the future of casino gaming. Both versions are almost identical when broken down to their most basic forms.

Yet, the two variations have little in common beyond that, which is why they both remain popular choices. When you look at things like the house edge, video roulette is identical to the classic version of the game.

Roulette wheels have thirty-eight possible outcomes in most casinos, which is true on video roulette. So, the house edge in either game is an abysmal 5.26%.

Still, that’s much better than many of you get from slot machines. The core difference between the games is that video roulette uses random number generators instead of a croupier spinning the wheel to produce a result.

Side by side, both games are the same. But there are significant perks and possible pitfalls to video roulette in 2023.

Playing Alone Has Its Perks

One of the reasons players love electronic gaming machines is the solitude. A standard roulette table is a social atmosphere where gamblers enjoy the experience as much as the game.

Not everyone is wired to spend hours making idle conversation with total strangers. Instead, these gamblers would prefer a solitary venture to play the game and sit with their thoughts.

Video roulette is a fantastic way for casino guests to enjoy the solitary nature of slot machines without a 10% house advantage.

Video poker also eliminates the fear factor many gamblers face when moving to the table games. Roulette has a lot of rules and even more unwritten rules, so casino novices tend to shy away.

Playing video roulette also makes learning the game easier. You’ll only be able to play the game as it’s designed, and you can play around with your options to discover what is or isn’t allowed.

If you are learning on the fly, be extra cautious that you aren’t making any unintended wagers. I’ve watched players learn costly lessons in the casino, and video roulette can bite the unwitting gambler.

Video roulette can also save you a significant amount of money. That money can extend your bankroll or be used to carry you out of the casino as a winner.

The first way video roulette saves you money is that you don’t need to tip a dealer. In a classic roulette game, players are expected to tip the dealer each hour.

It’s important that you tip the dealer, but you won’t need that extra money leaving your bankroll in video roulette.

Next, you can control the speed of the game in video roulette. Most slot machine players get this wrong and spin the reels as fast as the games will allow.

Doing that gives the house edge more opportunities to work against you and quickly eat up your bankroll. Play at the slowest pace you’re comfortable with, and you’ll win more playing video roulette in 2023.

Video Roulette Will Leave Some Players Unfulfilled

Despite the benefits offered through video roulette, some players will feel like they’ve been robbed of an experience.

The most significant obstacle for video roulette is one of the aspects many players like the most. You’re completely disconnected from other gamblers.

So, the raucous atmosphere found at a roulette table gets replaced by the somber mood you’d expect on a bank of slot machines. Video roulette offers an excellent alternative to slot machines, but you shouldn’t think you’ll enjoy the entire casino experience reserved for the roulette table.

The rate of play is another area where players get themselves into hot water. You don’t have much control over the pace at a roulette table, but it will generally be much slower than the video roulette machines.

Again, you can combat this by being mindful of the speed you’re playing. Don’t hesitate to check your phone regularly, take breaks, or merely enjoy the atmosphere.

Video roulette also can’t match the entertainment value you get in roulette. The other players, croupier, bouncing ball, and spinning wheel make the game more exciting.

There is a certain satisfaction from the mild adrenaline rush as the ball settles near your winning number. Even near misses are more fun in roulette as opposed to video roulette.

How to Win Money Playing Video Roulette

It’d be a fantastic day for gamblers if winning in video roulette were as easy as one, two, three. Sadly, the house edge is constant.

Roulette is a game involving pure chance, so no advantage techniques exist to ensure a long-term profit. Some players employ lackluster betting systems to increase their odds in roulette, but many of these merely cause players to lose more rapidly.

However, you can take steps to increase the frequency of occasions when you leave the casino a winner. Roulette is designed to take your money slowly over time rather than suck it all away in one swoop.

The randomness of numbers can sometimes fall in your favor, and you’ll win. Don’t squander these opportunities by being reckless.

Here are a few things you can do to win more playing video roulette in 2023:

  • Focus on the outside bets
  • Try combination bets to maximize wins
  • Make smaller bets to prolong the life of your bankroll
  • Stay sharp by taking regularly scheduled breaks
  • Set firm win/loss limits


Now that you know what video roulette is, how to play, and how to win, make 2023 your best year in the casinos to date. Remember that you won’t beat the house in the long run, but you can focus on stealing small wins to keep the game enjoyable.

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