About GamblingMadeEasy.com

It doesn’t seem so long ago for some folks, but it was way back in 1994 when the first online gambling bets were placed over the internet. Those first forays into a brave new world saw wagers taken on the Lichtenstein International Lottery, of all things, but boy has the industry evolved by leaps and bounds since then.

Today, a thriving online gambling marketplace spans the globe, allowing players to put their money where their proverbial mouth is betting on every casino game under the sun. The online poker boom of the mid-2000s launched mainstream interest into orbit, and today, internet sportsbooks and casinos are experiencing a second “Big Bang” of their own.






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At this very moment, you’re just a few clicks away from enjoying pro football parlays, Sin City style table games, and Texas Hold’em tournaments via a variety of reputable, regulated online gambling operators.

But before you bring your bankroll to just any online casino, your best bet is to ease the way by taking full advantage of GamblingMadeEasy.com…

As you’ll see below, every member of our squad here at GamblingMadeEasy.com takes great pride in providing readers with the very best in online casino resources and research. Validated by expert analysis, our advice on navigating the maze of today’s modern “iGaming” industry will prove to be invaluable for players of all caliber.

Picking the right platform, gauging the playability of each game, sharpening your skills and strategy… whatever your gambling goals are, we’re here to make them easier to accomplish than every before. Whether you’re a beginner just getting your feet by exploring a few online casinos – or a longtime regular looking to improve your game – GamblingMadeEasy.com proudly lives up to our name.

The GamblingMadeEasy Mission Statement

Depending on your betting style at the craps table, the word “seven” is either a bad omen spelling certain disaster to come… or a sign of salvation from the gambling gods.

But we’re certainly not a superstitious bunch here at GamblingMadeEasy.xys, so it only made sense to craft our company’s mission statement around seven central tenets:

1 – Determining the Best Online Casino and/or Sportsbook for YOUR Needs is Always the Goal

With literally hundreds of online gambling platforms to choose from, players can be forgiven for feeling a bit intimidated while exploring their options.

Thanks to a team of talented writers and researchers who have been in your shoes before, GamblingMadeEasy.com removes any guesswork from the equation. Rather than use your own bankroll to learn about the ins and outs of a particular iGaming site, we’ve got you covered in spades.

Just head over to our carefully calibrated Rankings pages to see how all of the best online casinos and sportsbooks stack up. Once there, you’ll find detailed breakdowns listing everything a new player needs to know about these sites before bringing your bankroll onboard.

After comparing the industry-leading operators which make up our Rankings, you’ll be fully prepared to play with confidence in the house you’re hoping to beat.

2 – Showing Our Readers How to Beat the House at its Own Game is an Added Treat

Speaking of beating the house, winning money is every gambler’s prime objective when betting on table games, sports, or poker.

Obviously, online casinos and sportsbooks hold an inherent edge based on the odds, but that doesn’t mean every player out there loses dough. On the contrary, players who improve their skills by absorbing strategy insights here at GamblingMadeEasy.com can hammer the house edge down to its lowest possible point.

And it doesn’t matter which gambling games you prefer either. Chance-based affairs like the slots, baccarat, and roulette – or more strategic affairs such as blackjack, video poker, and sports betting – can all be played better when you’re willing to learn.

We sure are happy to teach too, so head here for thorough tutorials and lessons covering every conceivable casino game. Win / Loss probabilities for every bet, basic strategy charts listing the most mathematically profitable plays, and house edge comparisons to weed out the worst wagers… GamblingMadeEasy.com is your one-stop shop for actionable info on your favorite casino offerings.

3 – Helping Players Score the Juiciest Bonuses and Promotional Offers is Our Pleasure

Many destinations which try (and fail) to mimic GamblingMadeEasy.com have made a certain deal with the devil.

While they happily introduce readers to different online gambling destinations, their main goal is helping the house secure patronage from new players. That’s a nice goal, we suppose, but one of our core missions is to help you take the house for every dollar you can get.

To that end, helping readers in their quest to earn bonus bucks and other lucrative promotions is our pleasure. We’ll keep a running tab of all the latest deposit and reload bonus offers, along with the crucial secret codes many sites require to unlock the free funds.

4 – Expanding Your Knowledge About the Growing iGaming Industry is of the Utmost Importance

Playing the games is clearly every regular gambler’s bread and butter. With that said, diving into the history and lore of the casino industry born in Las Vegas never gets old.

Many members of the GamblingMadeEasy.com team – you’ll meet them down below – are genuine veterans of the industry. We proudly count former pro card counters, trained dealers, table game inventors, iGaming software developers, and bona fide gambling buffs on our ever expanding roster.

And with such an eclectic crew standing at the ready, you can expect a steady stream of personalized blogs and reports on subjects spanning the full gambling industry spectrum.

5 – Identifying Ways to Make Online Gambling More Entertaining and Enjoyable is a True “Win / Win”

While enabling our readers to win more, and lose less, is a definite point of pride, the GamblingMadeEasy.com team always has its priorities in order.

And one of the most important priorities we share is a commitment to keeping your online gambling fun and carefree at all times – win or lose. No judgments on unique playing styles here, no pressure to play “properly,” and no negativity when it comes to this passion we all share.

6 – Revealing the Latest Games and Products is Endless Journey

Most sites out there are still stuck in the past, stubbornly covering platforms and games which have long since disappeared from the virtual floor.

GamblingMadeEasy.com isn’t like most sites, however, so you can expect to see up to date coverage on all of the new software updates, side bets, and strategic insights rolling out every day.

7 – Helping Gamblers Have as Much Fun as They Can is a Gift That Keeps On Giving

Finally, the reason we created GamblingMadeEasy.com is quite simple – to bring the fun back to online gambling.

To accomplish that heartfelt mission, we’ll never stop bringing our beloved readers the very best tips, tricks, and teachings. Armed with these tools, you’ll be surprised to see just how fun your favorite games can be.

What We Bring to the Table

Now that you know our seven-point GamblingMadeEasy.com Mission, here’s how we make it work for you.

Our site was designed to be easily navigated, for college kids betting sports, octogenarians spinning slots, and every gambler in between. Each of the thousands of resource pages found here are sorted using convenient tabs, while the main menu provides a roadmap to guide you through every avenue of the site.

And along the way, while we’re proud to recommend the iGaming platforms we know to be the best, we’ll never tell readers where to play. We simply compile all of the available data points, make them easy to understand, and let the folks betting their own money make that all-important decision on their own.

Meet the GamblingMadeEasy.com Team

You’ve already heard a ton about our team’s overall philosophy, so check out the personalized Writer capsules below to meet the guys and gals who make GamblingMadeEasy.com go:

Mike Josephson – After two decades living in Las Vegas, where he worked as an advantage play specialist, Mike switched sides and started dealing blackjack and other table games. Benefitting from both professions, Mike enjoys his “retirement” from gambling by sharing his hard-won experience here.

Sam G. Landon – During the 90s, Sam spent his days in Dallas tinkering his “lab” and trying to conjure up new casino games. He had a few hits along the way too, before becoming a consultant for several leading iGaming software design firms. Today, Sam brings his knowledge of complex game theory to readers through casual, easily to comprehend classes.

Sedona Stevens – Named after an oasis in the Arizona desert, Sedona has immersed herself in gambling history since her time as a student at UNLV. These days, she brightens the site up by penning her signature blog stylings on the eccentric, esoteric, and always entertaining aspects of casino gambling.

Jean-Luc Xaunelle – Hailing from the French countryside, Jean-Luc arrived stateside only a few years ago intent on breaking into the gambling business. A trained journalist, and consummate jack of all trades, Jean-Luc supervises the editorial side while chipping in with strategy guides, game breakdowns, and platform reviews.