Sports betting is booming in popularity. Each year more and more punters are exchanging the excitement and camaraderie of the casino sportsbooks for the convenience of online sports betting sites.

Online sportsbooks come with a wealth of new benefits for the gambler, which I’ll get into shortly. However, online gambling is faced with one paramount concern for both the sportsbooks and the bettors; security.






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There’s a negative stigma associated with online casinos and sportsbooks that revolves around stealing personal information and financial assets. That’s thanks to a comparatively small number of scammers that hit the online casinos in their early days.

The fact is that online thieves are in every corner of the internet. Regardless of who you’re doing financial transactions with, protecting your assets should be a paramount concern.

So, let’s look at how you can guard against being taken for a ride by utilizing the safest sports betting sites.

Can You Trust Online Betting Sites?

Overwhelmingly online betting sites are completely safe for you to use. Like any other online industry, there are some bad apples.

However, you can easily separate the good sites from the bad by doing minimal research into a sports betting site. I’ll walk you through the process we use to determine a sports betting site’s legitimacy in the next section.

I talk to many sports bettors whose primary concern is being the victim of some form of cyber attack. This is a genuine concern anytime you’re doing business in the online world.

It’s not a unique problem for online betting sites. In fact, banking institutions and money services like PayPal are far more likely to be under attack than online sportsbooks.

Fortunately, betting sites take your security seriously. The legitimate sites have stringent security measures to counter any attacks, and they monitor their systems around the clock.

I recently had a productive and enlightening phone conversation with the head of security for one of the principal online casinos. He broke it down for me about as well as I’ve heard it put.

He told me that the sports betting sites stand to make much more money by merely taking action on as many games as possible from as many customers as possible than they could ever make stealing. He added that they stand to lose more than we could imagine if a security breach occurs and they lose public trust.

When you consider that sports betting in the U.S is a multi-billion dollar industry on a monthly basis, it’s hard to argue his point.

Checking the Boxes for the Safest Sports Betting Sites

When choosing a safe sports betting site, punters have seemingly endless choices. Finding the best of what’s available can be accomplished by checking some necessary boxes.

The first thing I look at is who owns the site in question. Reputation isn’t earned overnight, and in the gambling community, reputation can paint a decent picture of the type of experience you can expect to have.

Next, it’s critical that the site has all the necessary gaming licenses issued from a credible gaming authority. You should readily be able to locate and identify this information by checking the site.

Come across any betting site that’s in violation of the governing gaming authority. You should quickly move on without hesitation.

How and when you get your money is another vital aspect for potential online bettors to consider. The payout schedules and methods vary greatly online, but the most trustworthy sports betting sites will offer fast, reliable payments.

There’s nothing worse than a punter that needs a quick withdrawal and is left waiting in the cold for weeks while the payment is “processed.”

As I eluded to previously, the safest sites will run on an encrypted connection. This step will make it much more difficult for hackers to mine your personal and financial data.

You’ll want to avoid any betting sites that don’t offer a secure connection, regardless of how good the lines may seem.

One of the final things I like to examine is where the betting site is buying its software. Suppose you’re looking at a betting site that also offers casino games. In that case, you may want to browse their selection to see what software developers are represented.

When you’ve found a sports betting site that checks these boxes, you’re well on your way to discovering one of the safest sports betting sites.

The Safest Sports Betting Sites Offer Several Advantages

Not being ripped off by scammers or having hackers steal your banking information is one of the most apparent advantages found on the safest sports betting sites.

Still, there are a vast number of benefits that you may not consider initially that have a significant influence on your overall enjoyment.

For starters, you’ll find much more access to sports markets on the more reputable sites. This means that you can bet on a much wider variety of games and sports.

It can also help you find the better lines, which may swing a game where you cannot find the right value. In general, having a more extensive selection will only lead to more excellent opportunities for you as a sports bettor.

Piggy-backing off of the better lines you’ll get on the safest sites, you’re also able to enjoy much broader limits. That not only benefits the newbie bettors that are learning to navigate the sports betting landscape, but the advantage gamblers looking to make a sizable wager.

Sports betting sites are built for convenience, but the best will take this to another level. The safest places will include handy features like a mobile app to use when you’re on the go and several banking methods to make transactions seamless.

The most commonly underappreciated advantage to choosing the right sports betting site is customer service. That’s because nobody considers the importance of customer support until they need it.

By the time you need customer service, it’ll be too late to do anything about it. You’re going to have to deal with what they give you. Check to see what the customer service experience is like before you create an account.

If they provide live support 24/7 and are happy to answer your questions promptly, you’re in a good spot.

Common Risks Associated with Sports Betting Sites

I understand why some punters prefer their familiar sportsbooks to the uncertainty of sports betting sites. Fortunately, most of the trepidation has been caused by a handful of negative experiences in the infancy of online gambling.

Instead of merely telling you there’s no need for concern, I’d instead look into some of the most common risks associated with sports betting sites and address them one at a time.

Many online gamblers are concerned a site will simply take their money and vanish. There are indeed several operations that have come and gone with the sole objective of stealing your deposit money.

However, by taking steps to find the safest sports betting sites, you can avoid this altogether.

Identity theft is no joke; it can take years and cost you significant financial losses to completely repair the damage done by having your identity stolen. The sports betting sites will ask for your personal data and identification as a way of protecting you.

This process will ensure that the betting site doesn’t send your hard-earned money out to someone posing as you.

Again, follow the advice on finding the safest sports betting sites. You’ll be able to rest easy that your personal information is secure.

Fee gouging is another area where unsuspecting sports bettors have been hit in the wallet. I’ve heard from punters who have had winnings confiscated and insane fees levied against their winnings.

To be clear, this will be avoided by finding the best and most highly respected sports betting sites.

Sports Betting FAQs

How can I find the safest payment choices for sports betting sites?

This starts by finding the safest sports betting sites. The payment methods accepted by these sites will be secure and leave you protected.

PayPal, Cryptocurrency, wire transfers, and debit or credit cards are the most popular. It’s not much different than any other online transaction.

Can I legally bet on sports online?

That depends on where you are gambling. Most countries have legalized online sports betting. In the U.S., it’s not legal throughout all 50 states, but there are many states where though not legal isn’t criminal.

Your best bet is to check the laws in your region and proceed from there.

Should I still use a sports betting site that doesn’t hold any gaming license?

No, regardless of how good it may look otherwise. I’ve run across some unlicensed sites that aren’t scammers. Still, with so many legitimate businesses to choose from, there’s no need to cut corners.


Sports betting online is among my favorite gambling activities. The convenience offered by the implementation of mobile apps means I can place a wager anywhere at any time, which suits my “on the go” lifestyle perfectly.

Before you dive in head first, be certain that you’re only sharing your information and your funds with the safest sports betting sites.