Finding the casino nearest you is easier now than ever. Anyone with a desktop computer or smartphone has casino recommendations within seconds at the tip of their fingers. That being said, the nearest casino isn’t always the best option for casino gamblers.






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If you’re going to find the best way to gamble at a venue near you, then you need to do some research. Today, we give advice on how to find not just the nearest casino to you, but the best casino that’s nearest to your location. If you live in more remote parts of the USA, be prepared to make a command decision and play at the best online casinos or mobile casinos in your browser.

How to Find the Nearest Casino to Me

These days, players don’t really need casino finder tools anymore. Most of the time, they can time in “Nearest Casino to Me” and have Google do the rest. There are reasons that people should avoid Google recommendations, though.

  • Paid Advertisements: Several of the first options on a Google search are going to be paid advertisements. This means you’re not seeing what the best option is, but simply the option that paid the most to buy an advertisement. Every one of these has the word “Sponsored” next to it.
  • Avoid Spammy Websites: Google turns up a lot of websites that are just trying to make a sale. Avoid casino review sites that seem scammy or spammy. Avoid a site if it takes a serious tone when it answers questions like, “How do you know when a slot machine is ready to pay out?” or “How do you pick a hot slot machine at the casino?”
  • Google Maps: Google Maps is a better option than a simple search engine. That’s because it provides dots on a map of all of the options. Click on one of the dots to see the aggregate reviews for that particular option.

Tools for Finding the Best Casinos Near You

Look for raw information, then try to make a decision based on critical analysis. Critical analysis is where you question the premise of statements before accepting them. In other words, don’t take advice from strangers at face value. Instead, solicit many opinions, dismiss the ones that appear to have ulterior motives behind them, and make decisions based upon the weight of opinion. Here are tools that might help.

  • Visit Yelp: If the people in your area have posted good Yelp reviews, then you can learn a lot about the casinos near you. Learn about the type of games, the hotels, the restaurants, and the live shows near the casino. Best of all, get an aggregate rating for all of the above.
  • Start a Reddit Thread: Reddit is a good place to find honest advice about many subjects, including casinos. The advice might be misinformed and uninformed. It might be from those who tout online casinos for a living. It might be from disgruntled players. Instead of taking one person’s advice, get a sense of the consensus on the best casinos near you.
  • Visit Holidify: A newer option is visiting Holidify. It not only gives reviews but gives more specific information based on the nearest landmarks. Holidify also provides mini-reviews of the best casinos near you, along with the distance from the biggest cities in America.
  • Dedicated Casino Sites: Sites like ChoiceCasino and Closest Casino Guru also exist that specialize in giving directions to land-based casinos. Casino Dotorg has a casino finder tool, though it’s not going to be as fast or thorough as Google.

Play for Real Money at Online Casinos

In truth, the answer to the question about the casino nearest you is always an online or mobile casino. If you’re in the privacy of your own home, then logging onto your desktop computer and playing at an online casino is the nearest option. If you’re on the go throughout the day, pulling out your phone and logging onto a mobile casino is the best option.

  1. Read Casino Reviews: If you choose an online casino, read a half-dozen or a dozen online casino reviews before choosing a site. Pick an option with a good reputation for fun games, safety measures, and reliable payouts.
  2. Sign Up for a Casino: Once you have a choice, visit the site and fill out the registration form. Within minutes, you’ll have a casino player account.
  3. Make a Deposit: Choose a site that supports payments with your favorite options. Most casinos accept Visa and MasterCard, but you can find them that accept Amex or Discover. Many US online casinos now accept Bitcoin and other crypto deposits.
  4. Accept a Bonus: The welcome bonus package is a lucrative bonus or set of bonuses that give players free cash to test games for promotional reasons. Some offer free spins, too. These bonuses have wagering requirements and other terms of use to protect the casino site.
  5. Read the Terms: Read through the terms of use to learn the limitations and requirements. Learn about the game contribution rates. Determine what the rollover requirement is. Only play the games that satisfy the rollover.
  6. Play for Real Money: Pick games and play for real money until you clear the wagering requirement. Use this time to determine whether the site’s games are fun, the site rules are fair, and the software is optimized for your gaming needs.
  7. Make a Withdrawal: Once you’ve cleared the bonus requirements, make a withdrawal of the funds you have in your account. Wait a few hours to a few days, depending on the payment type. Or if you liked the casino, make another deposit and start playing more casino games.

Help Finding the Nearest Casino FAQ

What cities in Texas have casinos?

Eagle Pass on the Texas-Mexico border has a casino, the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino. Naskila Gaming Casino in Livingston, Texas (near Houston) also operates at the moment. That’s about it. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the nearest casinos are WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma and Choctaw Casino in Durant, Oklahoma. If you live in the Houston area, many players visit the nine different Lake Charles, Louisiana casinos.

Texas is a huge state, so the best option is to play online at offshore online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites. The trick is finding trustworthy online gambling sites, so read honest casino reviews to assure you pick a safe gaming site.

How do I find a good-paying slot machine near me?

That’s not always easy. It’s best to play the long game. Visit the nearest casino to you, then take screenshots of the slot machines that most interest you. If you aren’t the type to take pics everywhere, at least jot down the name of slot machines that you encounter. Later, you can research the return-to-player (RTP) percentage for these slot games. Visit casino sites, player forums, and Reddit threads about the best slot machines.

Often, the same slot title has multiple RTP stats, depending on the setting on the RNG and the state laws. You might have to guess, though it’s a good rule of thumb that games with big jackpots tend to have a higher house edge (or lower RTP). Pick the 3-reel slots and the games with lower flashing jackpot stats if you want a game with the most realistic chance of winning.

How do I find good-paying slot machines in general?

Honestly, the best-paying slot machines for most residents in Middle America are online slots. Even though the so-called flyover country is much more filled with tribal casinos and even commercial casinos than it was a generation ago, most of those land-based casinos don’t have much nearby competition.

At the same time, land-based casinos have tremendous overhead: labor costs, startup costs, and state taxes. Their slot machines generate 60% to 70% of the casino’s revenues, so the slots need to have an RTP of 93% or less to generate those revenues. Online casinos have much fewer costs, so they can offer online slots with an RTP of 96% to 97% and still make a handsome profit.

How far is the nearest casino from Branson Missouri?

High Rollers Casino in Berryville, Arkansas is the nearest casino to Branson, Missouri. It’s about 45 miles away from Branson, roughly a 1-hour drive through scenic terrain. The area doesn’t have many rest stops or convenience stores, so be prepared for a direct trip.

How far is the nearest casino from Nashville, Tennessee?

Harrah’s Metropolis Casino in Metropolis, Illinois is the closest land-based casino to Nashville. Tennessee seems to be surrounded by states with land-based casinos, so Tennessee gamblers’ choices are based on what part of the state they live in. For instance, those in the western part of the state can visit Tunica County, Mississippi to play at a variety of land-based casinos.

If you want gambling without the allure (or cost) of shows, restaurants, and hotel stays, then the best option remains to play online for real money at offshore online casinos. Or if you prefer, you can visit mobile casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms to gamble while on the go all day. These days, mobile gambling sites don’t even require a download. You can play mobile casino games in the web browser of your Android or iPhone device.