10 Dangerous Gambling Habits Pros Fall Into


Many gamblers associate poor gaming habits with novice players. Considering the significant number of recreational and newbie gamblers, that’s fair.

Most of the cringe-worthy casino behavior I see is from rookie gamblers. Yet, poor judgment isn’t reserved for the average tourist.






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Bad gambling habits aren’t hard to break, but they can be tough to avoid. Frequently, dangerous gambling habits will pop up out of nowhere.

That could result from things happening in the gambler’s personal life. Whether an accountant or a professional gambler, we all have troubles from time to time.

Spotting bad form can help you make better choices. Here are 10 dangerous gambling habits pros fall into.

10 Dangerous Gambling Habits Pros Fall Into

1 – Becoming Predictable

Some casino games allow you to be as predictable as you want. Baccarat players won’t care what you’re doing hand after hand.

At the blackjack tables, you should be using the basic strategy on every hand. There’s even a chart that will give you the best move for every possible hand/dealer card combination.

So, if you’re being predictable at the blackjack table, you could be playing smart. But, sometimes, being predictable will cost you a ton of cash.

Poker players look for any weakness they can find. When a pro starts behaving the same in certain instances, they get caught.

We all have our own poker styles. Professionals have their tendencies studied by the masses.

If you embrace your tendencies, you’re less likely to be predictable. You may buck your typical style and catch opponents off guard.

There may be worse habits than being predictable, but a poker player will go bankrupt.

2 – Altogether Avoiding the Best Value

Getting the most value is imperative for all gamblers. There’s a value aspect for every gambler, game, and bet in a casino.

For the average casino guest, the most critical value is in regards to your money. Are you getting the most entertainment for the money you’re losing?

Sharp sports bettors must always search for the wagers with the most value. A sports wager has value when you find a positive expectation.

For example, a wager that you could reasonably expect to win 75% of the time has value. Getting the most value will lead to enormous wins.

Then there are the poker players. Making value bets is critical for making the most money at the tables.

Poker players make value bets when they are sure they have their opponent beat. It will help if you bet enough to elicit a call from the competition.

If you place a bet and opponents fold, you don’t put more money in the pot. Even the pros have a habit of pushing down on the gas and scaring other players off of a pot.

3 – Going on Tilt

Going on tilt happens to everyone at some point. It can strike anywhere in the casino but is most directly tied to poker.

When a player goes on tilt, their emotions take over. Tilt can initiate from several different directions.

Sometimes another player will make a comment that rubs us the wrong way. We might internalize that and have it slowly wear on us for hours.

Then as soon as that player receives the slightest good fortune, we explode.

Going on tilt could be a result of a losing streak. Professional gamblers rely on their winnings to live.

A series of losses put a tremendous emotional strain on these gamblers. Unfortunately, going on tilt makes things worse.

The best thing to do when you feel on tilt is to get out of the casino. Nothing good comes from staying at the tables.

Go for a walk, get a drink, call a friend or anything else that will get you away from the games. You can come back on another day after you’ve had a chance to settle down.

4 – Failing to Set Realistic Goals

Smart gamblers know the importance of setting goals. Yet, many gamblers fail to set realistic goals.

Players will feel the difference between having realistic and unrealistic goals. Without proper plans, the realities of casino gambling will punish you.

You aren’t going to see a lot of easy wins. Each success you see in the casino will be the result of putting in the work.

Make sure you’re working towards the right goals. I’ve known gamblers that saw early success and fell off before coming back better than ever.

Each of them pointed to the fact that they’d lost track of their core goals. Upon reaching the top-tier, they felt like they were at the pinnacle.

It would help if you always strived towards short and long-term goals. That keeps you motivated but also keeps you improving.

5 – Gambling Under the Influence

There are clear issues with gambling while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Yet, many recreational gamblers view their casino adventure as a time to cut loose.

Gambling while intoxicated digs players into a deeper hole as the mistakes pile up. Alcohol and drugs cloud players’ judgment.

That leads to simple errors that cost money. Inhibitions are also lowered throughout several drinks.

So, many players become much looser with their bankrolls. In the worse cases, they exceed their bankroll and dip into other funds.

Professional gamblers are not immune to this practice. Occasionally, pros will slide a little too close to the edge.

For professional gamblers, this behavior could spell disaster. If you don’t believe me, research the sad case of Stu Ungar.

6 – Believing They’re Unbeatable

Being cocky will get you nowhere in the casino. The house edge is always working against you.

Still, players are constantly working on getting the edge over the house. That won’t happen until you become an advantage gambler.

However, even advantage gamblers can fall into the dangers of arrogance. Having the edge over the casino means that you’re going to win long-term.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll win in any given session. Becoming arrogant will ultimately hurt your pride and your wallet.

Being too confident in the poker room will destroy your bankroll. There are tons of cocky poker players who got too big for their britches and lost it all.

That’s a result of underestimating the opposition. Yet, it may come from alienating fellow players.

Stay humble; nobody wants to play with an arrogant jerk. There will be a target on your back if you walk into the casino like you’re bulletproof.

7 – Not Playing Within Their Bankroll

Bankroll management is a fundamental concept of successful gambling practices. Players of all skill levels should practice essential bankroll management constantly.

This principle is even more vital for professional gamblers. Every decision and action made by a pro will impact their livelihood.

For these gamblers, casino gambling isn’t a form of entertainment. Pros rely on the money won in the casino to pay all of their expenses.

That leaves zero margins of error. If a professional gambler fails to play within their bankroll, they could go bankrupt.

There’s no point in trying to hyper-extend your bankroll. When pros make this mistake, it can end their careers.

8 – Failing to Adapt

Adaptability is vital for any successful gambler. Each time you’re at the tables, the conditions will be different.

You’ll never have two poker tournaments go the same. Every player will have a unique approach to the game.

No two sessions at the blackjack table will yield the same series of hands. You must continuously shift your approach to achieve the best results.

Pros can fall into the same trap as many amateurs. Becoming too rigid in your gameplay, you’ll miss opportunities to make more money.

Stay fresh and stay focused to get the most out of your sessions. Adapting to changing conditions will make you a better gambler.

9 – Focusing Too Much on Intimidation

In the poker rooms, I see a tremendous amount of useless bravado. Rookies and pros alike go to great lengths to intimidate other players.

At the top level of the game, this practice is useless. Being all talk will send you back home with your tail between your legs.

Plus, while you’re spending your time trying to psych out your opponent, they’re reading every move you make. That’s going to cause problems for you before the session ends.

I’ve been psyched out in the poker room, but not by any shenanigans. The great players have an intimidating presence.

The prose going out of their way to scare you are merely trying to hide their inadequacies.

10 – The Gambler’s Fallacy Can Hurt Pros Too

The notion that a result that occurred consecutive times is more or less likely to happen again is false. That is known as the gambler’s fallacy.

Each result in a game of chance is independent of all past and future developments. Sadly, many gamblers fail to see the truth in that.

Many players believe they can manipulate the system by betting, contrary to a result that’s been on a streak.

The gambler’s fallacy emboldens players into believing they’re due for a win. In gambling, there are no sure things.


The 10 dangerous gambling habits pros fall into can affect every gambler on the planet. Staying mindful of destructive behaviors could mean the difference between wins and losses.

Average gamblers must press hard to stay out of the muck if the pros struggle to avoid these pitfalls.



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