Best Gambling Odds in Vegas in 2023 (Sportsbooks and Casinos)


When you’re in the gambling capital of the world, you’re looking for the best gambling odds in Vegas. The good news is I know how to find the best odds in Las Vegas. And I will share all of the secrets with you.

Las Vegas Sign- Where Are the Best Odds at Vegas Casinos and Sportsbooks?

But the news isn’t all good. Finding the best odds in Vegas isn’t as simple as only placing wagers in one place. But, if you’re willing to invest a little time and work into finding good odds, Las Vegas is the best place in the world to find them.






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Here’s a step-by-step guide on finding the best gambling odds in Vegas.

Sportsbook Odds and Casino Game Odds

When you look at gambling odds, multiple things apply. Because this site is about helping you bet on sports, that’s what I’m covering in this post. But gambling odds in sports aren’t the same as gambling odds for casino games or poker games.

When you’re looking for the best odds in sports gambling, you’re usually looking for the best betting lines. For example, if you want to make a bet using a point spread, it’s more profitable to get + 6.5 points than to get 6 points of 5.5 points.

If you’re betting on a moneyline, it’s more profitable to get + 300 than + 250 or bet at – 250 than – 300.

If you’re reading this post looking for the best casino game odds, I’ll give you a short list of the games that usually have the best odds. But the rest of this post is about how to find the best sports betting odds in Vegas. And if you want to take a break from sports betting and enjoy a few casino games while you’re in Las Vegas, this list will help.

The casino games that have the best odds are:

Defining Good and Bad Odds

How do you know if the odds you’re getting are good or bad? For example, when you look at a point spread for a football game and the home team is favored by 6 points, do you know if the odds are good or bad?

The problem is that you don’t know if the odds are good or bad by looking at the odds in one sportsbook. Instead, you have to compare the odds at two or more sportsbooks to see which book offers the best odds.

And the best odds depend on which team you want to bet on. If you handicap the NFL game I mentioned with the home team favored by 6 points and you determine the home team should win by 8 points, being able to bet on them at – 6 looks good.

But if you find the same game with the home team favored by 5 points at another sportsbook, the odds are better giving 5 points rather than 6 points.

However, if your handicapping shows the home team should win by 3 points, the line with them favored by 5 points isn’t as good as the line at 6 points because you’re going to bet on the underdog.

You can’t determine if the odds in sports betting are good or bad by looking at one line. Instead, you have to look at several lines to determine where the odds are good and bad. I will cover more about this in the rest of this post, with the most important information in the section about the best odds for your betting style.

The Link between Odds and Vig

Most sports gamblers don’t think about odds and vig together. You probably know that paying lower vig helps you overall. But odds and vig have an important relationship.

If you don’t understand exactly why making bets with lower vig is important, here’s an example to show you the real-world financial impact of vig.

When you make 100 bets at $220 to win $200 and win 50 wagers, you lose $1,000 overall. But if you make the same 100 wagers at $210 to win $200, you only lose $500.

These numbers are important because you don’t have to win as many games to break even or make a profit when you make wagers with lower vig.

An Example of How Odds and Vig Are Related

Consider the following two betting possibilities to see how odds and vig are tied together.

At the first sportsbook, you can bet $55 to win $50. And the home team is favored by 6 points. You want to bet on the home team because you predict they will win by 8 points.

At the second sportsbook, you can bet $52.50 to win $50. But the home team is favored by 6.5 points.

You’re going to bet on the home team and give the points at either book. But which is better? For example, if the home team wins by 6 points, you push at the first book and lose at the second. In this case you might be better off paying the extra vig.

But what if the line at the first book was 5.5 points and 6 points at the second book? If the team wins by 6, you win at the first book. And you push at the second. In this case, you might be better paying the lower vig.

The math also changes based on how much you’re betting on each game. I’m not telling you that one way is always better than the other. But you must consider what the best choice is if you can pay lower vig with different lines. Of course, if the line s the same, you’re always better off paying lower vig.

Best Odds for Your Betting Style

Every sports bettor has their own style of handicapping games. And this doesn’t mean that one style of handicapping is always better than another. Two different profitable sports bettors can use two different handicapping methods.

The way I handicap games, I usually find value on underdogs. I don’t mean that every underdog has value. What I mean is that most of the games and lines that I identify as having value end up being a wager on the underdog.

I know some sports bettors who tend to find value on favorites more often than underdogs. But I’ve spent enough time handicapping games to learn that my style focuses on underdogs more than favorites.

This is important because when I look for the best odds, I’m usually looking for a sportsbook where I can get the most points. But, conversely, when you’re looking for the best odds on a favorite, you’re looking for the sportsbook that gives the fewest points.

When this is the case, it means that the sportsbook offering the best odds for me is the book offering the worst odds for you.

The Bad News about the Best Odds in Vegas

The bad news about finding the best odds in Vegas is that there’s not a single place that always has the best odds. I can’t even tell you the best two or three places in Vegas to find the best odds.

I’ve covered the reason why you can’t just use one sportsbook in Vegas all of the time to find the best odds. Depending on which side you want to bet, the best odds for one game or team aren’t the same.

However, this bad news actually has a silver lining, especially in Las Vegas. You’re going to learn about the good news in the next section.

The Good News about the Best Odds in Vegas

Las Vegas has more sportsbooks than anywhere else in the world. Within a few square miles, you can place bets in dozens of sportsbooks. I haven’t counted the sportsbooks in Las Vegas. But I recently saw a list with over 60 books listed.

This is good news because you can quickly check multiple sportsbooks in Vegas to find the best odds for the team and game you want to bet on.

I know some sports bettors in Vegas who only check the big sportsbooks looking for the best odds before they make a bet. But it can pay off to check with a few of the smaller books as well because sometimes you find better odds.

You also need to keep track of Vegas sportsbooks offering lower vig. Look for promotions that can add a few extra dollars to your bottom line, whether it’s lower vig or something else.

Conclusion – The Best Gambling Odds in Vegas

Finding the best gambling odds in Vegas is important. If you make a bet and don’t get the best odds, you lose some games that you could have won. Now that you know how to find the best gambling odds in Vegas, all you have to do is invest a little time checking the odds before you place wagers.

Don’t forget the link between odds and vig. Most of the time, the vig is the same. But sometimes a lower vig is as valuable as a slightly better line.

While there isn’t a magical answer to where the best odds in Vegas are located, you can still find the best odds in Vegas every time with a little work.



  1. LP 6 August, 2022 at 00:16 Reply

    Hello. I’m a retired games dealer from Vegas. 1977-2018. Opened all of the Wynn properties (Golden Nugget-Bellagio). To tell new players that the best odds are BJ, Baccarat and dopey Poker games (like Texas Hold ‘Em) clearly indicates that this sight is owned by the Bernie Madoff. Folks, best odds are in DICE. Don’t be a sucker here.

    • John Williamson 13 September, 2022 at 21:00 Reply

      Only partially true. If you can take a big odds bet in craps, then yes, the odds are excellent for the player shooting dice. But if you can count cards at the blackjack table, you can get an edge over the casino, which makes it arguably a better game. I’m no fan of baccarat, but the house edge is comparable to craps without the odds bet. There’s nothing dopey about poker games if you know how to play better than the average player at the table. And I say that as someone who’s been winning at poker for over 20 years. Your Bernie Madoff reference made me laugh, though. Thanks for commenting.

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